Keel Cooler Cleaning

Commercial Fishing Trawler Heat Exchanger Service

MechPro Inc. Keel Cooler Cleaning service before-and-afterMechPro was recently contacted by a major American Seafood company to provide Keel Cooler Cleaning service for one of their commercial fishing trawlers.  Once the trawler was in drydock the keel cooler was removed from the exterior hull of the vessel and arrangements were made for pickup and delivery to MechPro’s shop.

Over time Keel Coolers, which are commonly made of cupronickel and sintered bronze, become so fouled with barnacles and other marine growth that their cooling efficiency is compromised. Keel Coolers are usually equipped with sacrificial anodes which require regular replacement as well.  Keel Cooler cleaning is part of any thorough and regularly scheduled maritime maintenance program.  Maintaining a clean and efficient keel cooler will increase productivity and profit by saving fuel and time.

As a heat transfer specialist, MechPro uses a combination of mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning to restore fouled Keel Coolers to like-new condition as evidenced by the before-and-after photos below.

MechPro is regularly relied upon to provide expert heat transfer knowledge for the fleet maintenance of ships in the U.S. Coast Guard, United States Navy, leading cargo container shipping companies, and commercial fishing companies.

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