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    Heat Exchanger Parts

    Plate Heat Exchanger Parts

    Plate Heat Exchanger Parts

    MechPro Inc. supplies a wide variety of replacement parts and spares for all major brands of plate and frame heat exchangers.

    Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets

    MechPro supplies OEM-quality rubber Heat Exchanger Gaskets manufactured in various materials including NBR, EPDM, HAP, NEO, and VIT.   

    Plate Heat Exchanger Plates

    MechPro carries a large inventory of Heat Exchanger Plates in many common sizes, thicknesses (4mm – 8mm) and materials, including high-quality Titanium heat exchanger plates for marine applications, Stainless Steel 304 (SS-304), Stainless Steel 316 (SS-316), Hastelloy, and SMO-254.  Single replacement plates and full plate packs are available.



    Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Parts

    Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger Parts

    MechPro Inc. supplies a wide variety of gaskets for Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers in various materials for many industries, including marine, power generation, HVAC, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, pulp and paper, refrigeration, metals and mining.

    Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger parts include:

    • Baffles
    • Channel Head Cover
    • Floating Head Cover
    • Front-end Header
    • Gaskets for Tube and Shell Heat Exchangers
    •  Rear-end Header
    • Shell Inlet
    • Shell Outlet
    • Tie Rods and Spacers
    • Tube Bundle

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