Marine Keel Cooler Service

Marine Industry Heat Transfer Equipment Service

MechPro Inc. provides professional service to the marine industry for all heat transfer equipment including oil coolers, box coolers, tube and shell heat exchangers, grid coolers, and keel coolers.

After using an industrial acid bath MechPro will scrape away and completely remove all barnacles and encrusted sea life, increasing your keel cooler’s efficiency and returning it to like-new condition on the outside.  MechPro also runs a chemical flush to clean the inside.

In addition to supplying new gaskets, MechPro Inc. services all sizes of marine keel coolers for all vessels, including container ships, the fishing industry, and the United States Coast Guard.

Call MechPro today at (800) 249-6709 to discuss your particular keel cooler needs, keel cooler cleaning, request a quote, and make arrangements for the pickup or delivery of your equipment.