Cleaning of Gummy Vitamin Supplement Manufacturing Equipment

Cleaning Gummy Vitamin Supplement manufacturing equipmentRunning a manufacturing business in a zero-compromise industry like food production is no easy task. MechPro Inc. offers food grade equipment ultrasonic cleaning services which will help your company maintain safety, FDA and USDA regulatory compliance, while adhering to the high standards you’ve set for your finished products.

Gummy vitamins are the fastest growing form of vitamins and the trend is expected to continue.

According to one gelatin manufacturer, nearly half of all gelatin made worldwide currently goes to making gummy candies and vitamin supplements.

The main ingredient in gummy vitamin supplements is gelatin which is a protein derived from animal tissue that forms thick solutions when placed in water.

MechPro Inc. offers cleaning and maintenance services to help your company ensure Quality Control of your product’s appearance, flavor, texture and scent as well as adherence to certified Good Manufacturing Practices for nutritional supplement manufacturing.

The before and after photos above exemplify the necessity of following a routine maintenance program.

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