MechPro Provides HVAC Heat Exchanger Service

High-Rise HVAC Heat Exchanger Plate Expansion Job

Mechpro Inc., a leading West Coast provider of Heat Exchanger Parts and Service, recently completed a heat exchanger plate expansion job for the HVAC system in one of downtown Seattle’s tallest office buildings.

Seattle Office Building HVAC Heat Exchanger service


Tranter Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Model: UXP-400-H-6-SP-219

Intended End Use: Heat exchanger to cool Water 10.48 °F using 83 °F Water with pressure drop at or below 3.08 psi on hot side and at or below 3.1 psi on cold side.

Plate Material (Material/Thickness): 304 SS / 0.6 mm
Gasket Material (Hot/Cold): NBR / NBR
Total Number of Plates: 219
Capacity: 1040 gallons per minute

Increased pump size to increase flow rate and added heat exchanger plates to exchange more heat for added volume.

If your facility operates gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers then you should consider including a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule in your operating budget.  The two main benefits of a clean plate heat exchanger are:

  1. Reduced downtime.
  2. Decreased energy consumption and reduced energy costs.

If you have reason to believe that your facility’s plate-and-frame heat exchangers have not been cleaned or inspected for a prolonged or undetermined period of time then contact MechPro Inc. at  (800) 249-6709 to schedule a service appointment today.   As one of the most professional and experienced PHEX  Service Providers on the West Coast, MechPro Inc. subscribes to a proactive maintenance philosophy to help customers benefit from lower energy bills and reduced downtime.

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