Lost and Found. Anyone missing a 9.5 ton shackle?

Cargo Ship Heat Exchanger Service

While we were doing routine heat exchanger cleaning on a large cargo ship in the Port of Oakland we found one very large shackle encrusted with mussels and seaweed in the seawater inlet of a plate heat exchanger.

As you can see, the heat exchanger port was completely clogged with mussels, clams, fish netting, and sand.


The ship does have redundancy and yes, MechPro’s team cleaned all of the ship’s heat exchangers.

The captain, engineer, and crew are confident and ready for their next trans-Pacific crossing now that the cargo ship’s engines are running cool once again.

Sometimes photos like these are the best reminders of why routine heat exchanger maintenance of plate heat exchangers for commercial marine vessels needs to be kept a top priority.

If you’d like to claim your shackle or schedule heat exchanger maintenance for your ship, just ask for Chris Hegge at MechPro Inc.


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