Chemical Cleaning Heat Exchangers

Chemical Cleaning Heat Exchangers

Fact: Heat Exchangers are prone to fouling which reduces heat transfer adding to production costs.  Mitigation steps include monitoring the performance of the heat exchanger and scheduling routine cleaning and service with MechPro Inc.

MechPro has a range of CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) processes  and cleaning agents for heat exchangers.  Selecting a suitable combination of cleaning agents and cleaning process parameters to effectively clean your heat exchanger without having any negative effect on the materials is critical to continued productivity. Using specially developed non-toxic cleaning agents with low environmental impact, MechPro can quickly and easily provide in-line cleaning for your heat exchangers  without having to dismantle your equipment, adding significant cost savings.

The main types of fouling encountered in process heat exchangers include:

  • Particulate fouling
  • Corrosion fouling
  • Biological fouling
  • Crystallization fouling
  • Chemical reaction fouling
  • Freezing fouling

Chemical cleaning of heat exchanger components has better results than solely using traditional hydroblasting methods, which ultimately enables better flow and heat transfer rates, less time and lower cost for completing the project and less down time.