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Heat Exchanger Service Center

cleaning a tube bundle out of a tube and shell heat exchanger

  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Leak detection
  • Frame refurbishing
  • Expansion and sizing


Dye Penetrant Testing (DPT) process:

  • After the plates have been properly cleaned and dried.
  • The plates are brought into the spray booth area where the dye gets sprayed on one side only.
  • After the dye is applied the plates are stacked to allow the dye to work into the material.
  • Plates are then moved to the darkroom area where black fluorescent lights are used to identify the pinholes or cracks.
  • All pinholes and cracks are marked with a black felt permanent marker.
  • The dye is washed off.
  • Plates are dried.

Seattle DPT Dye Penetrant Testing
Seattle Dye Penetrant Testing
Heat Exchanger Service Center located in Auburn, Washington near Tacoma and Seattle.

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