ViEX Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets

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ViEX Gasket Part Numbers  
VX 2V 170VXN 03
VX 4VXN 84VXN 09
VX 8VXN 93VXN 12
VX 13VXN 108VXN 16
VX 20VXN 109VXN 20
VX 28VXN 115VXN 23
VX 45VXN 140VXN 25
V 60VXN 145VXN 26
V 85VXN 175VXN 36
V 100VXN 185VXN 46
V 110VXN 245VXN 55
V 130VXN 01VXN 59

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