Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger Repair

MechPro Inc. has been providing Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger Repair services since 2010.

We provide complete heat exchanger repair and refurbishment service as well as supplying replacement gaskets, plates, and other spare parts.

In our shop, we clean, inspect and re-gasket heat exchanger plates for plate and frame heat exchangers. In the field, our trained technicians install new plates and plate packs.  MechPro also offers Clean-in-Place (CIP) services. MechPro has established a reputation as a dependable, professional service provider whose team always works hard to meet your deadlines and minimize any downtime.

Scheduling routine inspection and maintenance of your company’s Plate Heat Exchangers is a cost-effective solution that helps ensure efficient operations, prolongs your equipment’s life,  and reduces the risk for future downtime.

Call MechPro Inc. today at (800) 249-6709 for full-service Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger Repair.