B&W MAN Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets

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Or refer to the B&W MAN Heat Exchanger Gasket chart and enter the model number you need in the mail form below.

B&W MAN L16-24B&W MAN L32/40
B&W MAN L21-24B&W MAN D2868 LE 423
B&W MAN L21/31B&W MAN D2868 LE 433
B&W MAN L27/38B&W MAN D2862LE 423
B&W MAN L27/38 GOB&W MAN D2862LE 433 1550
B&W MAN V28/33DB&W MAN D2862LE 433 1650
B&W MAN L23/30HB&W MAN D2862LE 433 1800
B&W MAN L28/32H

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